Finish Lines


So Namco has scaled back heavily on Tales output. Back in the day, there was a new title around the corner every few months it seemed; so there was always a steady stream of new projects on the list of things to do. However, those days have come to an end.

I'm currently recording many projects in my free time, while slowing down on my uploads. There are many reasons why, ranging from general fatigue to Trum-other things that are affecting my will to upload.

Yet, I'm getting to a point where I'm beginning to see finish lines over the hill. I've been recording Tales for nearly a decade now, and games are starting to get completed. I mean, truly completed. Abyss is the first game up to get officially retired in the next few months. Once I finish recording/uploading the remaining Abyss projects I have; it's over. The thing is, every single project is already 1/3 done. After that I anticipate Symphonia will be next, and so on and so forth. My increased organization with files has proven to be quite the boon.

Long story short, with Namco's slowed out-put and my increasing speed with completing projects, more Tales games will be retired; and soon my channel will take a dive in content production. This is a good thing really, but somewhat of a negative effect for those who've grown accustom to my current out-put. Granted, I suspect by this time next year I will have majority of my planned projects recorded and/or uploaded. Granted, I say this like every year :p
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Innocence and Hearts R edits

One of the flaws of the R titles is the grade shop. 7th Chord combined most of the useful carry-overs into one grade option. Artes, usages, skills, and whatnot are tacked alongside levels. This means level 200 stats can be an issue.

Any solo run on unknown mode often ran into the issue of bosses not being able to keep up or pose a challenge to any character until mid-game at the least. Attempting unknown mode without carrying over stats ran into the issue of bosses becoming overpowered. OHKOs are standard in this scenario.

Fortunately, I now have access to editing my files for Innocence and Hearts. While I have to rebuild my Innocence files, I can focus on Hearts R in the meantime. Innocence stats are straightforward, so decreasing the character's base stats lead to solo situations similar to other titles on my channel. The same for Hearts, except I have to take more consideration into how much I edit stats. Reason being, Hearts R characters are significantly more powerful due to SBP bonuses on top of equipment bonuses.

Long story short, I can prevent characters from being overpowered and have better videos for early bosses in these games.
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