Project Passaro -Arc I-

As of...some point in March I decided to switch my format to mass edits of overall arcs. A long time ago I borrowed the idea from Tick, but I also wanted to be a "bigguh utub stah" so all those views were oh-so important; leaving the idea as such, and idea. However, my slow pace and increasing interest in more projects added too much to the workload. When I was 18, 19, or 20 sure; I had plenty of time, but with each passing moon 30 is already around the corner. I'm getting old...(er) and my priorities have long shifted from 6+ years ago.

However, my workload has never made the switch. Sure, I've completed projects (runs at the time) here and there, but nothing to put a dent in the 200+ projects on my list. That list has shortened significantly to somewhere in the 100s, but it is still a lot of work to do. It was not until Zestiria did reality sort of set in. I say maybe two years I got into this mindset of wanting to "100%" every damn thing; the anti-thesis to the old-school 1st boss -> Final boss -> Thanks 4 watching train of thought. The reasons are lost to me now, but at some point a few years ago 100% started to "make sense."

Yet, you have recolor after recolor of giganto (snicker) after gign-elite monster and what started as 30 video projects turning into what, 98 for Zestiria alone? Months for one project? Just can't ride that wave anymore.

So, I revisited the whole idea of combining multiple videos into one gigantic video. I originally was going to just have an entire project on ONE video; but eventually decided to slice down to arcs, extra bosses (sidetracked series), and the final boss (because they're so *bernie mac* specialllll) ((Even then it still feels like too much work))

Either way, I have my list of projects that need to be done. This format helps speed things along a bit faster; the hit to an already view-count is whatever. The end goal is to actually wrap this up and take flight anyway. I'm getting close though. Abyss is almost retired, I forsee Zestiria and a few others following suit shortly after. The finish line somewhere over the hill. I see it at least.

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Vita meant life


The situation with the Vita has been quite a pain. A hard lesson in procrastination was learned as well. My original Vita; which was modded broke back in January. Primarily because it had a bit too many hard falls on the floor at various points; thanks to my general clumsiness. The day, around February, I decide to really get down and record Innocence/Hearts R material is the day I find my Vita no longer outputs a signal. Great, the universe has punished me.

I had recently hacked the Vita, since I was fortunate (again, thanks to my laziness) to have the Vita at firmware 3.60; allowing me to access now-decrypted save files for modding purposes. This meant I could redo any R-related projects with better control due to nerfing stats and adjusting the party. Complete solos were now on the table for Innocence and Hearts, until the Vita broke. In a way, the delay helped shape what's to come; versus what would have been, if I had recorded all of those projects the previous fall season.

So, I decided to purchase another modded Vita, since I was just oh-so-dedicated to getting these projects out. The plan was to simply switch my memory card to the new Vita whenever I wanted to record. I switch the memory card, and eventually figure out the DLC check on the new Vita. Cool, the account is set-up and there should be no problems. I'll do the file editing on my old Vita, and record on the new.

It would not be until April I discover the beginning of my woes. I place my memory card into the old Vita and receive a nice message claiming I needed to format my memory card. I suppose hopping between old and new firmware triggers said response. Great, all of my files are now deleted. I backed up all of my original saves (dating back years), but I had no access to using them. The newest saves I did while playing the new Vita were gone. How was I suppose to do any projects now? The old vita cannot record, and any files on the new vita would set me back at square one; which was the ORIGINAL problem of being too overpowered and missing multiple bosses for some characters.

I was stuck in an infinite loop of doom. The dream was dead; no new firmware beyond 3.60 is hackable, and Sony decides it would somehow auto-update my old vita. I froze in horror looking at "Firmware 3.63" on my Vita. "How the f-" I screamed to the ceiling and silent hum of the ceiling fan. Out of rage I turned the Vita off and threw it at the sofa; upset I wasted money and time due to my laziness. Why didn't I just record that stuff months ago? For some arbitrary reason I turn on the Vita, and see my firmware wasn't "upgraded" and settled back at 3.60. I don't know how or why, but we don't question. The universe has rewarded me.

My situation is back at square two. I still need to record on the new Vita, but edit my files on the old vita. Having to reformat, add my original back-ups, edit over and over would be too much of a pain to record ONE project. So I only have one shot to do everything in one fell swoop. Set-up all of my files on the old vita, record every project on the new vita and place both systems in the deep recesses of my memory. So what now? The plan is to edit and essentially pre-run 18 projects on the old Vita. Fortunately, I only need to edit the party for the first few bosses (I hope). Afterwards, I can switch Vita and record everything at once. Hopefully I'll have something Mid-May; but it's a lot of logistical work that has to happen in the background. On top of other obstacles taking priority in life. Guh
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