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In a particularly random occurrence, or an attempt to break out of my writer's block I have returned to utilizing Pássaro Insight (again).

From the jump, I've never had an express interest in writing descriptions for any videos. Descriptions functioned as a mere formality to explain phenomena; which at the time was relevant. However, with experience over time those strategies or issues become irrelevant in the event I ever return to said run or boss. If you want to be all cute about it, it can be just seen as a moment of time.

Either way, the insight came about as a round-about way to get people to actually understand what goes into a run; since hardly anyone reads a video description. A problem that has been around since the dawn of YouTube. Slapping the text on the actual video proved beneficial, but the resulting issue really fell upon my laziness.

Ironically, I'm a writer, well of poetry, but I hate writing. I always did and always will. Naturally, I THOUGHT there was nothing to really "say" about a video, knowing full-well I could jot something to occupy three to five minutes of video time; but alas, procrastination was laid as the foundation of whatever mental fortification I call a home to reside in.

While I'm still lazy as hell (You can see from my lack of updates per run), I decided to try again to return to Insight. I did a poll forever ago, and many subscribers asked for the return of some sort of description. So, this is really for....me. Sorry, I actually found some sort of justification to bring it back; mainly to start writing more so I can work on my books. At least it's a mutual benefit for all parties.

mmm mm mm

Or really just for me.

As the year goes on I intend to retroactively add Insight to every "Project" playlist I have. This will take an immense amount of time, but I'll post an update here and there; whenever something gets done.

*Lazy translates to having bigger priorities than uploading Tales to YouTube
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