Shifted tides

Yesterday was terrible.

In short, I lost all of my Innocence R files; but on the flip side I have access to doing things with the R titles I normally wouldn't. For starters, I no longer need to play each game 56+ times to max stats for one EX boss. Then there was "Shung." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Those who keep close steadily thank me for my dedication to Tales; but Tales is wearing me down slowly.

However, I have no intentions of leaving, so no worries there. If anything, these embers of stress has tempered my patience and willpower. Mainly in the sense I'm developing habits I need. Time management, backwards planning, and what not. I always wanted to grow as a responsible person; as I get older the "flow with the wind" doesn't do much for me. I sense I'll be hitting a point like ssrai where I feel I'm too old, and need to walk away. I want my projects done at least.

The strange part is watching my development happen naturally. I feel I've been mentally taking a back-seat and letting things work on autopilot. It has benefits for sure.

All this yappin' is to essentially say I'm working a lot of my projects ahead of time; which is why my uploads are so random. While days may go between an update for a specific project, you can bet money I have a folder with a few videos collecting dust. We'll see how far this goes.
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