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It was around 2010, twelve hours spent fighting Tomah over and over again.
-Once upon a time, days to beat Yeager
-Duke, Mithos, Dhaos, and the list goes on and on.

I wish I had free time like that again, but alas, life is life. At least on the flip side, I got much better at Tales over the years. Those same bosses now would take about twenty minutes to record, edit, and upload.

However, the same theme stayed the same. Those controllers clicking, body trembling from adrenaline--such a rush it was. The video gets uploaded and that small little circle of fans you built up over the years; it may only be a dozen or so, maybe hundreds, thousands, millions, but the lessons were the same. Some Tales fan, somewhere, whether it was on a break between classes or lunch-time at work; they enjoyed and appreciated the hard-work. It didn't go unnoticed. Whether it was the steady, but common "Good job!" comments; which are endearing in their own way; or the innocent questions about the battle systems. Something worth some discourse about Tales.

Honestly, those were the halcyon days. I can't lie, I was a fool back then with an attitude problem. I've seen learned to not make assumptions in context of the internet, but there is one...button that just gets pressed.

I get it, people like music. Music does something to the soul I really couldn't explain. However, exactly what a BGM is...A "background" part of the overall formula. Initially, people asking for the music was justified; as I often neglected to mention it anywhere. Fair enough. I would respond to PMs, but I always asked for people to not drive my comments to just be about the music. Why? Because, having my hard work mitigated to not being having worth is enough to drive anyone nuts. So many of the players in the community put up videos with a lot of heart into their craft. Just to get that dusted aside for a "good job, but what's the music." I mean come on.

This rant would not hold much weight, aside for the fact I actually started putting BGMs in big, bold white letters at the end of the video. My comments? Just about the music format, or straight up ASKING FOR THE BGM. I mean, really? You couldn't watch two minutes or even the last minute to get what you want and move on? Yet, these same people have the audacity to say "I love your videos." How? You don't even watch...I mean what are you doing when you click the video? Pausing it? This is the same reason most Tales players don't even bother with descriptions. Ya'll don't read them. So I put the BGM IN THE VIDEO and you still don't see? Fuck outta' here.

Something changed. Either those people from back in the day out-grew Tales or went on different avenues with life, but today? It's just difficult to feel the same love from the community. "I only watch for the BGMs, I love your videos"

Huh? No one but me sees how disrespectful this is? I mean, all-in-all I could just upload some bullshit with a "hot beat" as ignorant fools call them, just to milk views. Garbage LPs, Shitty Combo Videos, etc with music and just go on about my business I guess? Fuck ya'll.

Every so often I get a sub who says "Hey Clip, love your videos! Sorry for being a silent viewer, but I don't know what to say"

I try so hard to stick around for those subscribers. I do, I really have mad love for you all amidst all the bull-shit. It's unfortunate the vocal people are those who just constantly press my button. However, since you all stay silent I see no issues turning my comments off. I left them on in the cases where someone wanted to speak up, but if I keep at this pace I'd just walk away. It's already hard enough uploading consistently with my shifting priorities.

Yet, I'm just a username right. It seems to be a mindset that uploaders are just some bots. Upload my Tales with the music now or I'll unsub! Fuck ya'll, I don't owe anyone shit. There are people behind usernames, respect(respeck) that.

Dislike deez nutz. I eat dislikes all day, so people will keep going until they fade away as usual. I'm choosing to not deal with the bullshit anymore.
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So you'll never return?
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I'm sorry man. I was one of those silent guys that watched your videos. I enjoyed seeing the combos, the bosses, the goofiness, that came with them, knowing that I personally could never play as well, or even on the harder difficulties as you. It does suck that there are those that don't appreciate what you upload. I wish you luck on your next venture dood.
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I was a viewer who did indeed love the music,but had the gameplay outweighed to music for me. When I first started watching I did ask for music but after a point I just decided to do my own homework instead of posting the exact boldSAMEbold comment on every video like i've been seeing. I've been around for some time and going through your older uploads like for Judith gave me a lot to work with and I finally solo'd the story with her. Going off track, but whatever you end up doing I wish you much luck in it. I'm hoping to see more of your poetry.
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You do you dude. I've watched for awhile but was silent. Sad to see you go, but wherever you go do it for you. Tbh I always wondered what the music was especially from your first video I watched(Rita Arte Exhibition), but I never said anything because I knew it wasn't right and the people complaining about it were worse, so stayed respeckful.
Your solos were always great. I always used them as references for battles, strategies and whatnot.
But hey you do you man. Wherever you go, hopefully life takes you through the scenic route.
  1. 2016/05/05(木) 23:14:24 |
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