Yes, I am doing Nebilim

Shortened version: Yes, I am fighting Nebilim

Long version
A lot of my subscribers are relatively old, in the sense of age, but in regards to how long they have been subbed. Most understand how I work; and adapt to change as quickly. Many are surprisingly patient as well; waiting for long stretches of time to see their favorite character get some spotlight -- only to fall into the abyss of inactivity once again.

I have been slowly changing that process, and find myself a bit more focused on individual projects and completing them as soon as possible. I recently counted over two-hundred projects on my plate; and it was a realization that I should develop a bit of discipline. It will help with some of the nuances of my laziness in all avenues of my life.

Anyway, once I moved away from my old format (Game - Character - NIND) to the "Project" series I also decided to change my standards a bit. No longer were the days of skipping bosses, or avoiding the "interesting" extra content most Tales has to offer. Regardless of how annoying many can be, my new ethos became "by any means necessary." So any method that would prevent spamming to allow recording was not out of my limits. I started the Project series back in late 2013 at the earliest, but Richter was the first completed series early 2015. There are pros and cons to this new way of thinking; longer projects, and less views as time goes on. These cons are no different than any solo; as I get just as tired of the character as anyone else. This is why I often took extended breaks between projects, but the end result would always be the same.

Had I decided to chase views, I would only upload key bosses and popular bosses. Going through my videos show how popular bosses such as: Alexei, Yeager, Van, Plantix, and others are, but my personal mission is to see how strategies change and develop for every boss. Of course, recolors are just for the sake of completion these days. Unfortunately, this mind-set has changed in the community; and most are ok with seeing flashy combos. I can deliver on that end as well; so everyone wins. I get what I want, and the subscribers get their entertainment.

Before I choose a project I consider if I can complete the project in its entirety. Every boss the character has access to. If I can manipulate files through hacking; even bosses the character does not have access to. For example, I recently completed Regal 100%. Every boss the game has to offer was tackled by Regal over the period of two years. This reasoning is why I only just started Colette in 2016. It took a few years on and off developing the strategies just to defeat the earlier bosses. All of this to say, if I'm working on a project; as in I started it. That means I'm confident I can complete the run. So yes, for those who wonder about Asch; I will be doing Nebilim.
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