Namco is doing Zestiria X, and I'm doing Project Zestiria

So between Tales of Berseria around the corner, and the fantastic Zestiria X my interest levels of those two games is immense. I am a fan of the timeline; so any universe expansion is welcomed in my book.


After the recent completion of Asch, I decided a break was needed from the plethora of solos I have planned or in progress. Plus, it has been quite a minute since I have done a party run. It took a while, just to record thirty-four videos, but solos really can take it out of you. I am glad it's finally over though; one step to actually finishing projects in a timely manner.


Speaking of new projects. With my hype levels through the roof for Berseria, I am going to give Zestiria a bit more attention. I am still working on the files, but I'll just record and move alongside those files. Zestiria, by my standard is going to be a lonnnnng project. At least 100+ bosses, but at least we'll have the entire party to wreck shop.

You can check out the first video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X95QpqbYUEI
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