Josaia: How it shaped the state of my projects

With the recent completion of Flynn, and in a state of motivation; I decided to continue recording Kongman (PSX) behind the scenes. I have been hoping around many runs this past week; just adding videos to folders so I save myself the annoyance in the future.

So I've never played Tales of Destiny PSX. The PSX projects I'm working on are all fresh experiences (I did the same with Legendia back in the day with Chloe). So I'm not familiar with the nuances of the game at all really.

So I get to Josaia, a small dungeon within the Aethersphere and I'm just about done.


I'm consumed by hatred. You have to collect orbs to activate elevators, but there are a ton of monsters constantly zipping around. So many battles, so little time. I do not want to play Tales of Destiny right now. So, here is the state of each Tales game. I will not specify my projects; but you will understand why some games are taking so long to get attention.

Tales of Phantasia:
I have only a few plans with various versions of the game. Nothing too in-depth, yet no where high on my interest radar.

Tales of Destiny PSX:
Josaia lead to me dropping Kongman low on the list of to-do. I intend to restart and knock out all runs in one swoop; so I don't have to suffer through the Aethersphere more than once.

Tales of Eternia:
Not on the radar at this time

Tales of Destiny 2:
PSP is somewhere in my closet collecting dust. No interest in digging it up at this time

Tales of Symphonia:
Waiting on Kaldaien to hopefully drop a 60FPS update for BATTLES. Even though he doesn't care to outside of maps and cities. If he does, Symphonia runs take priority again; if not, I'll give up and continue Symphonia runs late January.

Tales of Rebirth:
*See Destiny 2*

Tales of Legendia:
Recently moved to PS2 emulation. Currently making boss files. No projects will start until that is finished.

Tales of the Abyss:
All projects and reboots are in progress. Abyss is close to being retired (As I will have completed everything I wanted to with the game)

Tales of Innocence DS:
On the radar, but low. Need to remake the old Projects I did many years ago.

Tales of Innocence R:
Files long completed, projects in progress. Stat maxing will take an immense amount of time to complete. Currently, Ruca and Spada are maxed. This is specifically for one EX boss.

Each character needs about 5 or so runs to max stats. I can beat IR in about 2:30; add in life, work, etc and see why it'll take a while.

Tales of Vesperia PS3:
All projects are in progress, slow, but in progress.

Tales of Hearts DS
Researching a few mechanics before I consider jumping back to any projects

Tales of Hearts R:
*see Innocence R*

Takes about 3 hours to beat Hearts R. Shing is down to two runs before he is maxed.

Tales of Graces F:
Researching mechanics/builds before I give it another chance

Tales of Xillia:
It's been a while since I touched it, but I'm making boss files.

Tales of Xillia 2:
Boss files are haphazard, but they work. Projects are in planning stages
I'm skipping the cameo fight for all projects

Tales of Zestiria:
Files completed two weeks ago; all projects in progress

Dawn of the New World:
Last week I transitioned to the Dolphin emulator. Files need to be created and projects will begin planning

1 project is confirmed for each game respectively. Others are in planning; will record via PSP emulator

Tales of the Tempest:
Researching and meditating to determine if further projects are worth it. There are other options I'm looking into that may open Tempest up a bit for entertaining projects. Here's to hoping.

Thanks to Muc's hard work over the years I've reconsidered multiple projects with the game; however, I need to test on emulation. On the radar, but low priority at this time.

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Gaius: Sidetracked

54 videos remain

Note: ----- means complete

Character Episodes:
Mega Tusk ----- Complete
Ivar ------ Complete
Jiao ------ Complete
Sonny ----- Complete
Celsius ----- Complete
Blaze Claw ----- Complete
Aska ----- Complete
Melancholic Delay ----- Complete
Muzet ----- Complete
Maxwell ----- Complete
Celsius x Ice Dragon ----- Complete
Nachitgal ----- Complete
Hangerzamm ----- Complete
Alvin x Agria ----- Complete
Vaioplume ----- Complete
Gentledroid ----- Complete
Chimeriad ----- Complete
Otulp ----- Complete

Elite Monsters (EX versions)
-----Veywind Eye EX: 60000 | Torbalan Highroad
-----Moralzamm EX: 66000 | Bermia Gorge
-----Heavy Claw EX: 72000 | Aladhi Trail
-----Graddic Claw EX: 78000 | Ruselle Highroad
-----Greater Demon EX: 84000 | Kijara Seafall
-----Veywind Stinger EX: 90000 | Dimensional Breach
-----Radiant Horn EX: 96000 | Nia Khera Spiritway
-----Dark Teagle EX: 102000 | Fezebel Marsh
-----Bluetaur EX: 108000 | Sillea Tundra
-----Arrow Folzam EX: 120000 | Culmar Trail
-----Magma Dragon EX: 120000 | Nala Lava Tubes
-----Hammerzamm EX: 126000 | Felgana Mine
-----Krudis Eye EX: 132000 | Barnauer Highroad
-----Cthulhi Demon EX: 144000 | Arklund Quag
-----Exoplasma EX: 150000 | Labari Hollow
-----Windracer EX: 150000 | Catamar Heights
-----Fortune Stepper EX: 150000 | Tatalian Abyss
-----Vampiric Plant EX: 162000 | Talys Highroad
-----Snow Cougar EX: 186000 | Xalien Woods
-----Scorpactus EX: 192000 | Alest Highroad
-----Goddess Touch EX: 201000 | Nia Khera Hollowmont
-----Hydro Blade EX: 210000 | Kukhar Ice Caverns
-----Ghastly Stump EX: 222000 | Sapstrath Deepwood
-----Siennabronc EX: 231000 | ???
-----Veywind Eye and Stinger| Torbalan Highroad

Extra Bosses:

Pluto ------ Complete

EX Dungeon

Julius' Shadow ----- Complete
Milla's Shadow ----- Complete
Jude's Shadow
Presa's Shadow
Jiao's Shadow ----- Complete
Nachtigal's Shadow
Agria's Shadow
Wingul's Shadow ----- Complete
Maxwell's Shadow
Ludger's Shadow
Jude's Shadow (2)
Milla's Shadow (2)
Alvin's Shadow
Elize's Shadow
Rowen's Shadow
Leia's Shadow
Gaius' Shadow ----- Complete
Muzet's Shadow
Cless/Stahn Shadow

Arena: Gaius Combinations
Ludger First/Gaius
Wingul & Muzet
Wingul & Jude
Wingul & Leia
Wingul & Milla
Wingul & Rowen
Wingul & Elize
Wingul & Alvin
Jude or Leia First/Gaius
Nachtigal x Milla
Nachtigal x Muzet
Nachtigal x Elize
Nachtigal x Leia
Nachtigal x Rowen
Nachitgal x Alvin
Nachitgal x Ludger
Nachitgal x Jude
Cless ------------------------------- Complete

Alvin First/Gaius or Gaius/Anyone
Jiao x Muzet -------------- Complete
Jiao x Leia
Jiao x Jude
Jiao x Milla
Jiao x Rowen
Jiao x Elize
Jiao x Alvin
Jiao x Ludger
Stahn ---------------------- Complete


Elize or Rowen First/Gaius
Celsius x Jude
Celsius x Milla
Celsius x Elize
Celsius x Rowen
Celsius x Leia ------------ Complete
Celsius x Alvin
Celsius x Muzet
Celsius x Ludger
Mint ------------------- Complete


Milla or Muzet First/Gaius
Agria x Ludger
Agria x Muzet
Agria x Jude
Agria x Milla
Agria x Rowen
Agria x Elize
Agria x Alvin
Agria x Leia
Rutee ----------------- Complete

Bisley Final boss
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Zestiria has a lot of bosses...

So I thought I didn't finish the list; but at some point over the past few months I did. This is every boss the game has to offer; assuming I got them all. (I should have gotten them all). So there are a total 98 bosses I need to tackle among 9 projects. Well 13, if I decide to do Project Kamui. I typically only upload two videos a day; which would make each run take a little under two months to complete. Throw in my laziness or interest waning and that's about 2 yea--I mean a "bit" more than two months.

Welp, I got a lot of work to do.

Story Bosses: 35
-------- Part 1
Lunarre 1
Lunarre 2 (Project Zesteria/Rose is here)
Slime Glutton (Project Lailah/Mikleo/Zaveid is here)
Giant Centipede
Oroboros (Project Alisha/Sorey is here)
Echidna (Project Dezel is here)
Male Assassin
Female Assassin
Knight Arthur
Evil Plantasm
General Landon
------------- Part 2
Zaveid II
Zaveid III
Lunarre 3
------------- Part 3
Sergei (Project Edna is here)
Lunarre 4
Armatizations 2
Heldalf (Final Boss)

EX Bosses: 62
Breed Wolf
King Peacock
Dirt Leech
Bat Baron
Beast Master
Nine-Headed Serpent
Spider Queen
Bison Heddin
Goblin Lord
Boss Troll
Harpy Go Lucky
Pill Bug
Legendary Wyvern
Dragon Warlock
Orc Kong
Demon Rodler
Rose and Zaveid
Dragon Zombie
Stheno & Euryale
Heldalf (Bad Ending)
Super Heldalf
Dark Turtlez
God Eater
Shadow Party
---------- Alisha DLC
Echidna/Snake Clones
Angel/Horus Clones
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Namco is doing Zestiria X, and I'm doing Project Zestiria

So between Tales of Berseria around the corner, and the fantastic Zestiria X my interest levels of those two games is immense. I am a fan of the timeline; so any universe expansion is welcomed in my book.


After the recent completion of Asch, I decided a break was needed from the plethora of solos I have planned or in progress. Plus, it has been quite a minute since I have done a party run. It took a while, just to record thirty-four videos, but solos really can take it out of you. I am glad it's finally over though; one step to actually finishing projects in a timely manner.


Speaking of new projects. With my hype levels through the roof for Berseria, I am going to give Zestiria a bit more attention. I am still working on the files, but I'll just record and move alongside those files. Zestiria, by my standard is going to be a lonnnnng project. At least 100+ bosses, but at least we'll have the entire party to wreck shop.

You can check out the first video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X95QpqbYUEI
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