Yes, I am doing Nebilim

Shortened version: Yes, I am fighting Nebilim

Long version
A lot of my subscribers are relatively old, in the sense of age, but in regards to how long they have been subbed. Most understand how I work; and adapt to change as quickly. Many are surprisingly patient as well; waiting for long stretches of time to see their favorite character get some spotlight -- only to fall into the abyss of inactivity once again.

I have been slowly changing that process, and find myself a bit more focused on individual projects and completing them as soon as possible. I recently counted over two-hundred projects on my plate; and it was a realization that I should develop a bit of discipline. It will help with some of the nuances of my laziness in all avenues of my life.

Anyway, once I moved away from my old format (Game - Character - NIND) to the "Project" series I also decided to change my standards a bit. No longer were the days of skipping bosses, or avoiding the "interesting" extra content most Tales has to offer. Regardless of how annoying many can be, my new ethos became "by any means necessary." So any method that would prevent spamming to allow recording was not out of my limits. I started the Project series back in late 2013 at the earliest, but Richter was the first completed series early 2015. There are pros and cons to this new way of thinking; longer projects, and less views as time goes on. These cons are no different than any solo; as I get just as tired of the character as anyone else. This is why I often took extended breaks between projects, but the end result would always be the same.

Had I decided to chase views, I would only upload key bosses and popular bosses. Going through my videos show how popular bosses such as: Alexei, Yeager, Van, Plantix, and others are, but my personal mission is to see how strategies change and develop for every boss. Of course, recolors are just for the sake of completion these days. Unfortunately, this mind-set has changed in the community; and most are ok with seeing flashy combos. I can deliver on that end as well; so everyone wins. I get what I want, and the subscribers get their entertainment.

Before I choose a project I consider if I can complete the project in its entirety. Every boss the character has access to. If I can manipulate files through hacking; even bosses the character does not have access to. For example, I recently completed Regal 100%. Every boss the game has to offer was tackled by Regal over the period of two years. This reasoning is why I only just started Colette in 2016. It took a few years on and off developing the strategies just to defeat the earlier bosses. All of this to say, if I'm working on a project; as in I started it. That means I'm confident I can complete the run. So yes, for those who wonder about Asch; I will be doing Nebilim.
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Berseria Hypeeeeeee and bruh



Hype. When your expectations are met, good things happen. My hype was never too high, so all this extra stuff Namco is doing lately has been immensely pleasing.

Next, my second book, "Epiphany" is nearly done. So uploads will resume as usual.

While I am...spontaneous, I actually want to wrap up some runs quick. Preferably, Abyss and Symphonia runs. I highly doubt I'll ever focus down on anything or upload anything consistently though. I hate sitting on videos, so I don't record in advance much anymore lol.

Ah well, train keeps moving.
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Little Devils and time management

So, it's not often I ask the viewers what they want, since I'll eventually get around to doing any run I feel; yet, some people have been sitting patiently for years waiting on some runs.

Little Devils

Like this little devil here. She's been on the "to-do" list since 2010 or so, and I actually started two Anise runs, only for them to die later on. She wasn't too interesting back then; and I only did projects I was interested in. These days though, just about everything raises my interest levels. Odd curiosity here and there, or no one has done anything with some characters. So I just take the mantle and see how far I can go.

So, I'll get the first part of Anise up starting May 25th. I really did not want to after recently finishing Asch's second arc, but the people have waited long enough. Fortunately, a 2016 edition would be significantly better than how I played back in the day...*shudder*

The reason I'm so garbage at completing runs in a reasonable time-frame is due to my abysSmal time-management skills. The term eludes me, but there is a word often associated with people who's interest peaks and wanes on various things at the moment. Spontaneous is the best way I can describe it. My mind is always on multiple things. A typical day is essentially "Oooh! I should do this project, RR make me a thumbnail. Oooh! I forgot about this run, let me bring that back, Oh! Let me write on this book, Wait! I need to" and so on and so forth. It's a blessing and a curse.

A blessing simply because I never find myself sitting around bored; which lead people to self-loathe and end up wallowing in depression. Been there and done that. It's not the world people get upset about, it's the lack of ambition or drive.

It's a curse because I never get anything done properly. I'll work on a run for a solid year and a half, then realize I need to remix half of the run. It's the reason I've redone Regal like seven times OFFHAND. I never uploaded most of those runs haha.

Anyway, I've been dedicating some time to using each twenty-four hour period to its fullest. It's not an overnight thing, but I'm getting better. Mainly with the poetry, but with anticipation for Berseria I want to remain consistent, but finish these projects a bit faster.



Another highly requested run. Outside of X2 stuff at least. I did not realize how many people want to see more X2 stuff. I intend to, trust me, but that game has so much going on (I'M STILL ON GAIUS AND THE BOSSES NEVER END)

Once I can get an accurate map on the arena, I can finish Gaius, and then return to Jude and whoever. In the meantime, people want to see Krabtoast, so that project will be resurrecting at the end of the month.

Beyond that, I'll finish up Ruca and Spada as secondary projects alongside Anise and Kratos.

Or just throw hundreds of videos into your feed like

Stay golden bihh
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Hindsight is 20/20

So it's said that hindsight is 20/20. In a similar vein to how someone would spin a globe and stop it at random to decide travel locations; I finally decided to actually begin the whole "insight-every-run-you-got" that I mentioned back in the first entry. Somehow...Tear came up first. Well, she is one of the few completed "projects" hovering around, so why the hell not.

Tear CC

Ok so, a year makes a significant difference. TODAY...I would knock this video to half its length. 8 minutes is quite a bit, but it is Tear, so I understand 2015 Clip a bit. However, running out of things to say is a thing 2 minutes into a video haha. Ah well, sometimes you say what you say and dip.

Either way, 2/34 is a good start. I have very little discipline in regards to stamping out plans, good at crunch, but it's just a side project for the projects. Hopefully, within the next month I can have Tear done. It has been an interesting re-watch so far. A worthy run worth the "Project" title; which is suppose to signify my "last" go with any particular run. Even though Tear's first run was the last...so..remix inbou-. Trying to write about what I was doing versus what I should have done is proving the real challenge. I guess hindsight is indeed, 20/20.

But I'm actually working on it!
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A Person, not a Username

It was around 2010, twelve hours spent fighting Tomah over and over again.
-Once upon a time, days to beat Yeager
-Duke, Mithos, Dhaos, and the list goes on and on.

I wish I had free time like that again, but alas, life is life. At least on the flip side, I got much better at Tales over the years. Those same bosses now would take about twenty minutes to record, edit, and upload.

However, the same theme stayed the same. Those controllers clicking, body trembling from adrenaline--such a rush it was. The video gets uploaded and that small little circle of fans you built up over the years; it may only be a dozen or so, maybe hundreds, thousands, millions, but the lessons were the same. Some Tales fan, somewhere, whether it was on a break between classes or lunch-time at work; they enjoyed and appreciated the hard-work. It didn't go unnoticed. Whether it was the steady, but common "Good job!" comments; which are endearing in their own way; or the innocent questions about the battle systems. Something worth some discourse about Tales.

Honestly, those were the halcyon days. I can't lie, I was a fool back then with an attitude problem. I've seen learned to not make assumptions in context of the internet, but there is one...button that just gets pressed.

I get it, people like music. Music does something to the soul I really couldn't explain. However, exactly what a BGM is...A "background" part of the overall formula. Initially, people asking for the music was justified; as I often neglected to mention it anywhere. Fair enough. I would respond to PMs, but I always asked for people to not drive my comments to just be about the music. Why? Because, having my hard work mitigated to not being having worth is enough to drive anyone nuts. So many of the players in the community put up videos with a lot of heart into their craft. Just to get that dusted aside for a "good job, but what's the music." I mean come on.

This rant would not hold much weight, aside for the fact I actually started putting BGMs in big, bold white letters at the end of the video. My comments? Just about the music format, or straight up ASKING FOR THE BGM. I mean, really? You couldn't watch two minutes or even the last minute to get what you want and move on? Yet, these same people have the audacity to say "I love your videos." How? You don't even watch...I mean what are you doing when you click the video? Pausing it? This is the same reason most Tales players don't even bother with descriptions. Ya'll don't read them. So I put the BGM IN THE VIDEO and you still don't see? Fuck outta' here.

Something changed. Either those people from back in the day out-grew Tales or went on different avenues with life, but today? It's just difficult to feel the same love from the community. "I only watch for the BGMs, I love your videos"

Huh? No one but me sees how disrespectful this is? I mean, all-in-all I could just upload some bullshit with a "hot beat" as ignorant fools call them, just to milk views. Garbage LPs, Shitty Combo Videos, etc with music and just go on about my business I guess? Fuck ya'll.

Every so often I get a sub who says "Hey Clip, love your videos! Sorry for being a silent viewer, but I don't know what to say"

I try so hard to stick around for those subscribers. I do, I really have mad love for you all amidst all the bull-shit. It's unfortunate the vocal people are those who just constantly press my button. However, since you all stay silent I see no issues turning my comments off. I left them on in the cases where someone wanted to speak up, but if I keep at this pace I'd just walk away. It's already hard enough uploading consistently with my shifting priorities.

Yet, I'm just a username right. It seems to be a mindset that uploaders are just some bots. Upload my Tales with the music now or I'll unsub! Fuck ya'll, I don't owe anyone shit. There are people behind usernames, respect(respeck) that.

Dislike deez nutz. I eat dislikes all day, so people will keep going until they fade away as usual. I'm choosing to not deal with the bullshit anymore.
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